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Kitchen Exhaust Fans Services & Repairs in Sydney

We supply install and service exhaust fans in Sydney. Our range of exhaust fans restaurant products, include fans for every application.All fan services, including kitchen fan repairs & installation works are carried out by our own licensed electricians and ventilation technicians & installers. We cater for all commercial supply & exhaust fans applications including: Commercial kitchen exhaust fan service products for restaurants.

Fault Find For Supply & Exhaust Fan Services

Exhaust fans application solutions for restaurants, pub, cafes.Troubleshooting faults are carried out during and Supply air or exhaust air fan service.A sample of what is checked on your fan system during the fan service is listed below:

Our company are specialist in commercial kitchen exhaust fan repairs, kitchen exhaust fan services and commercial supply and exhaust fan services.This includes all supply & exhaust fan ventilation systems, specialising in restaurants, Hotels, pubs, cafe's, Schools & Hospitals.We also supply fans for Multi-unit apartments and commercial office buildings.

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